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KeyVision was designed to answer individual lawyers problems in managing matters, projects, and business performance, using modern technology

KeyVision features for legal professionals

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From timesheets to invoices and from projects to tasks, KeyVision is a all-you-need-in-one-place tool. Create customer profiles, define projects, negotiate fees, do timesheets and KeyVision will automatically calculate everything you need to bill and how much you need to collect. Add some tasks in the online calendar and you are good to go. Plus, you can access your information from anywhere.

KeyVision - all you need in one place


As simple as it gets. You can choose blended, seniority or user fees, flat fees, subscriptions, discounts and so on, for each of your clients. You can create both proforma and fiscal invoices. If required, set a budget for your project and you will be notified accordingly. Change the billing rules on the go and have the system calculate the invoice value.

KeyVision Billing


We know it’s difficult to keep track of all your activities. That’s why you should have all your cases in one place, get daily automatic updates from the court so you focus on what’s really important.

KeyVision Litigation


All your activities in one place - court hearings, tasks & meetings. Automatic updates and notifications when the case has news on the ECRIS portal. Plus, you can synchronize the calendar with your phone or desktop calendar.

KeyVision Calendar


Simple and straightforward reports so you can have an overview on every aspect of your business. From timesheets to invoices, collection, top customers and so on. Those reports will help you grow and transform into a healthy law business.

KeyVision Reporting

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KeyVision is the work management platform legal teams use to run an efficient and profitable business

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