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So you can have full and real overview on your law firm activity

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Your company

Your company at a glance - you can access effort and efficiency, overdue tasks, today’s and tomorrow’s tasks, paid and overdue invoices, top practices, timesheets and Days of Sales Outgoing, all in one place

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Practice

Based on your practices input, you can have a clear overview of time, work, customers and payments for every practice you have.

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Controller

Have a full analytical report of work and payments for every controller you have in your team - this way you will be able to see your team members’ efficiency and profitability.

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Litigation

All you need about your legal cases: hearings for the entire week, Insolvency acts, active Legal Cases, newest information from your Court hearings - all in one place.

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Business Development

Access a detailed analytics of your Business Development activities: Offers and Submissions by Status and Source, Submissions and Offers Efficiency Statistics by year.

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Budgeting

You can easily analyze the evolution of billed amounts per practice, to date and per year, based on your team daily activity.


So you add and track your activities for more efficient team

33AF7E70-FAC5-426F-938F-1B58EA853F65Created with sketchtool. Time tracking

Add and manage customer and internal hours per user, based on the projects assigned, using worked and billable hours for every legal case and project, which can be sent to controllers for approval.

33AF7E70-FAC5-426F-938F-1B58EA853F65Created with sketchtool. Timer

Start the timer and forget about it. Stop it when finished and the timesheet will be automatically created.

33AF7E70-FAC5-426F-938F-1B58EA853F65Created with sketchtool. Calendar

Use the color codes to get a quick overview on your timesheet history. Green is for full tracked days, yellow and red for partial or no timesheets and blue for holidays.

33AF7E70-FAC5-426F-938F-1B58EA853F65Created with sketchtool. Review & Approval

Get an overview on you activity and review & approve all entries. Adjust values if required and get an instant feedback regarding total billable effort and value.

33AF7E70-FAC5-426F-938F-1B58EA853F65Created with sketchtool. Both simple & complex

You can track just the total and billable effort or you can detail by billable, non-billable, do not bill, no-charge. Just a switch and you’re good to go.

33AF7E70-FAC5-426F-938F-1B58EA853F65Created with sketchtool. Notifications

Email notifications and updates, in case you forgot to track some hours.

Financial Management

All the financial operations and tools for legal professionals

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Projects

Comprehensive project definition, from customer to activities, tasks and billing rules. Detail activities by using References.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Budget & Cap

Setup a project budget or a billing cap. KeyVision will follow-up and notify you accordingly.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Flexible Billing Rules

Setup the project billing rules without any constraints. You can mix fees by user, seniority, blended, fixed or success fees, default discounts.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Project Dashboard

Ready-made insights about you project - total billed, due amounts, recovery rate, average fee and work efficiency. Plus, get details by lawyer, practice or seniority.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Tasks and discussions

Define tasks per project and follow up the status. Register any conversation you had with the customer.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Expense Tracking

You can track all expenses, both related to projects and internal ones. Group them in employee accounts if required, for an additional approval process.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Proforma & Fiscal invoice

If configured, KeyVision can manage both your proforma and fiscal invoices, along with all related processes.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Email templates

You can create email templates that are used for sending invoices.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. LEDES

Export invoice with the standard LEDES format, ready to be uploaded in other systems.


Keep track of all your activities, so you can have successful legal case management

9CAE54BF-CB3C-4AE3-9C07-2394AFD184F5Created with sketchtool. Case management

Manage all your legal cases and always be prepared for your next legal actions using the ECRIS ( integration

9CAE54BF-CB3C-4AE3-9C07-2394AFD184F5Created with sketchtool. Court hearings

What, when, where and who’s handling them. Not to mention team comments and case history. All in one place.

9CAE54BF-CB3C-4AE3-9C07-2394AFD184F5Created with sketchtool. Monitor external cases

You can also monitor selected external cases. All monitorized hearings will be highlighted and separated from the main ones.

9CAE54BF-CB3C-4AE3-9C07-2394AFD184F5Created with sketchtool. Legal calendar

Monthly or weekly overview on your portfolio, so you can plan ahead and spot any conflict. Synchronize it with your Outlook/Google Calendar and have them on-the-go.

9CAE54BF-CB3C-4AE3-9C07-2394AFD184F5Created with sketchtool. Daily notifications

Whenever something happens, whether a hearing solution or a new hearing date, you get an email notification.

9CAE54BF-CB3C-4AE3-9C07-2394AFD184F5Created with sketchtool. Insolvency

Monitoring selected legal entities for insolvency. Daily updates on your dashboard and via email.

Customers & Contacts

A better management of your legal customers

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Customer management

All the information you need for a full overview on your activity. Use details like industry, fiscal data and contacts so you can have full reports on relationship with each customer.

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Fiscal entities

Different fiscal entities for a single legal client? Not a problem! Use all these details for complete customer reports.

441FE469-B181-47B8-AD85-6A5630533655Created with sketchtool. Industries

Different clients from different industries? Use these details to have full reports on which were the most profitable industries for you.

Marketing and Business Development

All you need to grow your legal business

FD0A0C86-4310-4C4C-A005-CE7170FFB8E0Created with sketchtool. Proposal management

Keep track of your submissions and use all the details you have so you can build new great business relationships.

FD0A0C86-4310-4C4C-A005-CE7170FFB8E0Created with sketchtool. Submissions

Upgrade your business by getting new customers. Use time, tasks and responsible for every offer and get full reports on these activities.

FD0A0C86-4310-4C4C-A005-CE7170FFB8E0Created with sketchtool. Meetings

Get your plans ready by organizing successful meetings. Analyze meetings reports to have complete overview and decide what you need to improve.

FD0A0C86-4310-4C4C-A005-CE7170FFB8E0Created with sketchtool. Events

Prepare successful events for your business by using marketing lists and resources. Keep track of all tasks related to the events and use all the information in your marketing activities.

FD0A0C86-4310-4C4C-A005-CE7170FFB8E0Created with sketchtool. Projects

Grow your business by creating new marketing and business development projects - get your colleagues involved in those projects, listen to their ideas and assign them tasks to resolve.

FD0A0C86-4310-4C4C-A005-CE7170FFB8E0Created with sketchtool. Marketing Lists

Build marketing lists for events and activities. Add and manage all important contacts who can help you get greater results for your business now and in the future.


So you can better organize your daily schedule

83721072-65F8-4224-9682-BC37A02E5FB1Created with sketchtool. Tasks

Get all projects ready in time by using tasks for all team members. Improve workflow by having a complete overview on their allocation.

83721072-65F8-4224-9682-BC37A02E5FB1Created with sketchtool. Dashboard integration

Always have an overview on you overdue, today’s and upcoming tasks. Straight to your dashboard.

83721072-65F8-4224-9682-BC37A02E5FB1Created with sketchtool. Calendar

All tasks are also available in the master calendar, you can easily check your agenda.

Practice & Controller Insights

For a better understanding of your legal projects

C319F02F-FCE3-407B-9975-2CBB9285DCF5Created with sketchtool. Practice Management

Get financial and performance insights by practice, calculated automatically

C319F02F-FCE3-407B-9975-2CBB9285DCF5Created with sketchtool. Project security

Embedded project security - timesheets, invoices, reports - by controller and other defined project managers.

C319F02F-FCE3-407B-9975-2CBB9285DCF5Created with sketchtool. Dedicated dashboards and reports

Check and compare all financial indicators by practice or controller.


For a full, real overview on your legal business

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Timesheet reports

Comprehensive list of reports, helping you to find any possible timesheet information.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Billing and expenses

From invoices, payments and expense reports to financial insights like average payment days, recovery rate, fee statistics.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Practice reports

Get real-time insights on most profitable practices for your law firm and have a full overview on each activity per practice.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Efficiency

Full efficiency insights for better business decisions: get per lawyer, per case, per client or per practice reports and compare them with other month or year.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Profit & Loss

Define monthly budgets and let KeyVision do the rest, showing you the current status and the Actual vs. Budget analysis, firm-wise or by practice.

B6B768FC-EEC4-40D5-9836-083DF18E9A36Created with sketchtool. Marketing and Business Development

Grow your business with business development reports. Build a strategy using these insights and make your law firm more profitable.

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