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We are empowering legal teams to reach their true potential. Keyvision’s focus is to help legal professionals get the best of their businesses by working more efficient

Legal office - KeyVision PRO, software for lawyers and law firms

KeyVision isn’t just a software - it is a legal business platform for lawyers looking to be more efficient and profitable. We believe that legal professionals and law firms should be more focused on performance and business than on administrative time-consuming tasks, that’s why we offer them integrated online, secure, up-to-date solutions

George Barcun Managing Director

Our journey

Our main focus is to build the best software for lawyers, legal departments and law firms and help them grow their businesses with digitalization. We have started this journey over 10 years ago and we’re still offering the best technology services for legal professionals, by permanently innovating and empowering law firms and legal individuals. The experience of working with some of the biggest law firms helped us learn a great deal about specific industry challenges and come up with solutions.

KeyVision PRO, software for lawyers and law firms - Experience

Support & Experience

During the past 10 years we have supported hundreds of big, medium and small law firms with our software and comprehensive know-how. We are proud to have a complete overview on what managing and growing a law firm means and know how to find solutions for the daily problems.

Support for lawyers - KeyVision PRO, software for lawyers and law firms


KeyVision team members have over 30 years of combined experience in complex IT projects ranging from consulting, analysis and project management to development and implementation of complex international software solutions.

Technology for lawyers - KeyVision PRO, software for lawyers and law firms

KeyVision is made for legal businesses.
No matter big or small.

Focus on innovation

We bring technology in law business management and day by day work.

Mind shift in legal business development

An overall business approach on every law firm, either big or small. We believe a good application can help you get the best out of your team, by streamlining activities and providing insights of effort and results.

Better workflow, better results

No more Excels, no more lost or unrecorded time for your team members by using legal case and team management tools

Understand your business

By using our tailored legal performance and efficiency reports to detail the performance, revenue and profit by practice or lawyer.

Grow business performance

Integrated Marketing and Business Development tasks with efficiency and profitability tools help

Streamline your activity

Active court matters, all clients, contracts and projects, paid and unpaid bills, time spent on each activity, legal calendar - all in one place.

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Improve efficiency

Get a real overview of your matters and team and monitor which are the time-consuming matters and the bills in your law firm.

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Increase profitability

Check instantly how much your clients pay, which invoices are still open and get reports to see which are the no-profit matters/clients.

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We help you get your legal work done!

KeyVision is the work management platform legal teams use to run an efficient and profitable business

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KeyVision PRO, software for lawyers and law firms - tools for lawyers