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Upgrade your legal business with the new KeyVision

Keyvision, the legal work management platform which helps legal teams to run an efficient and profitable business has now new and improved functionality and a new visual identity.

All you need for your legal business, one click away

Keyvision, the online solution for lawyers has developed into a complete toolkit for individuals and law firms, by transforming the 10-years experience in working with legal professionals into a full set of online functionalities, to help them upgrade their legal business.

In order to respond to legal business professionals needs, we reshaped and improved our functionalities.

  • Timesheets and tasks management – a new easier way to transform your day by day work and upgraded Review and Approval flow
  • Projects, Clients, Contacts and Case management tools so you can better streamline and monitor your team’s activity
  • Better notification system for all your legal cases and Insolvency interests with daily ECRIS and BPI integration and synchronization
  • Improved Legal Calendar and Financial management tools to help you have a better law firm management process
  • Upgraded dedicated Dashboards to help you have a better overview of your team, time and company
  • Better Marketing and Business Development tools for easy sales management for your company
  • New and improved Reporting features for a better understanding of your law business and an improved decision-making process: Timesheets reports, Financial reports, Practice reports, Efficiency and Profitability reports, Sales and Business Development reports

New visual identity for a better Keyvision

After almost 10 years, Keyvision has also a new visual identity. Our new identity has been designed and implemented by Rainfall Agency who transformed our vision on innovation and commitment to legal business development on a fresh, modern look.

We decided to embrace this visual remake because we needed a new look, to be fit with our product. We have chosen this new identity to communicate a balance between the lessons we’ve learned in the past and the innovation we offer in the day by day work. We welcome you to explore our newly relaunched website and discover or new functionalities – George Barcun, KeyVision Mastermind & Softventure owner.

We help you get your legal work done!

KeyVision is the work management platform legal teams use to run an efficient and profitable business

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