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Legal tech news review – March 6th 2020

This week has brought some interesting legal tech news. Coronavirus is present in the legal world also and legal tech is bringing solutions for affected companies. Women need to become a voice in legal tech also. A legal tech company has closed its doors, even if it received important investments and one of Google’s Directors advises legal businesses to not remain behind. 


#Coronavirus is affecting law firms too – the biggest law firms in the world are implementing the”work-from-home” system with their lawyers and start analyzing more #legaltech solutions. Discover more details in this articleAlso, some of them are sending home lawyers returning from COVID hot spots – read more on article.


There is an urgent need for more women to pursue careers in legal tech to help ensure bias doesn’t get “hardwired” into AI-assisted decision making – said Christina Blacklaws, the immediate past president of the Law Society of England and Wales in a keynote address at this month’s Global Legal Forum in London. Read more in Global Legal Post’s article.


Lawyers are very often flooded with emails and that can become very frustrating for them, but for clients also. An American event dedicated to technology for lawyers offered solutions to alleviate work stresses and foster improved work-life integration: first, “email triage” solution where an attorney sets a dedicated time to check emails sent while they are out of the office and second, setting up automated response messages notifying clients when they check emails. And third, for internal communication, the best solution is using collaboration platforms and task management tools to cut down the emails stuffing their inboxes. Read the entire article by clicking on this article.


Atrium, one of the most mentioned legal tech start-ups in 2020 news, has decided to close its tech business, even if it had received 75 mil. $ investments. More details on Bloomberg Law News.


The cultural and technological disruption reshaping the legal industry may leave some complacent law firms behind – that is the warning of Google’s director of legal operations and Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) president Mary Shen O’Carroll. Read more on


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