• Clients
  • Contracts
  • Timesheet
  • Court management
  • Standard reports - 10


  • Basic +
  • Invoicing
  • Calendar
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Complex pricing features
  • Efficiency per client and contract
  • Detailed reporting - 20


  • Medium +
  • Integration with portal.just.ro / scj.ro
  • Timesheet approval flow
  • Calendar synchronising with Outlook, Gmail, iCal
  • Performance analysis per team, practice or seniority
  • Discount policy
  • Payments and on-hold amounts
  • Complex reports - over 50

Main benefits of online solutions

      • We take care of everything related to hosting and maintenance: no servers, no licenses, no initial investments;
      • Doesn’t require the installation of any software or the reading of a user manual;
      • Significantly lower costs due to small implementing and maintenance effort;
      • Free and automated access to all new versions of the legal software KeyVision;
      • High accessibility guaranteed, the only concern for lawyers being the internet connection;
      • Hosting in professional data centers, with up-time guaranteed;
      • 24/7 availability;
      • Security and redundancy.

KeyVision can also be installed on the client’s server, the offer for this type of of service being calculated in accordance to specific demands. For further details about the legal software KeyVision please contact us at office@keyvision.eu.

Access available tutorials here.