Why KeyVision?

Dashboard KeyVision

The legal software KeyVision is ideal for lawyers

The technology is advancing rapidly and with it the way we conduct businesses. In this context, we developed a tool accessible for companies of any size that can bring a real competitive advantage.

The software solution KeyVision allows lawyers to monitor all key factors in their business:  full reports about revenues, unpaid invoices, efficiency for each lawyer and for the company, billing status, clients, contracts, time spent per each contract, file or project. Moreover, it is an online solution, accessible from anywhere, with no licensing costs, hardware infrastructure requirements or difficult implementation.

Main benefits of KeyVision

The legal software KeyVision provides simple time tracking, smart billing and powerful reports designed especially for lawyers. These are just a few main benefits:

  • Instant access to vital information and performance indicators in a single page – dashboard;
  • Full time tracking features considering worked hours and billable hours per lawyer, contract, file or project;
  • Fast calculation and issuing of invoices based on billable approved hours;
  • Complete clients, contracts and files management;
  • Management and tracking of court hearings;
  • Comprehensive reports and performance analysis;
  • Highly configurable application;
  • Single database for the complete business management;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Fixed cost per user per month;
Your time is precious

Track time, calculate and issue invoices using KeyVision’s friendly interface. Leave your worries about application maintenance to us.

Monitor your results

Follow the evolution of revenues, open invoices, efficiency and productivity. Access all information in a single page with performance indicators and relevant graphs.

Use the best tools for a great price

Using our licensing model based on a fixed cost per user per month, you can eliminate initial investments and other hidden costs. Thus, you can focus on attracting customers and improve internal processes.