Time tracking


Tracking worked and billable hours was never easier

We know that convincing lawyers to keep accurate and up to date timesheets can be difficult. The legal software KeyVision solves this problem by transforming the entire process of time tracking in a simple and fast one. We started with a calendar that highlights, in a single view, the status of timesheets for the current month: days with incomplete timesheets, days missing any record of worked hours, days with full timesheets and even holidays. Moreover, a series of reminders will notify you about any possible derails.

KeyVision assists you throughout the entire process of time tracking, the user being guided to fill in certain information. For example, once the client is selected, you can record worked hours only for that clients’ contracts or projects. Plus, in case one of your employee doesn’t fill in the timesheet  you are automatically notified by email.

Smart calendar. One look to understand the timesheet status.

Green for complete and correct timesheet, orange for incomplete timesheet, red for the days missing timesheets, blue for holidays. Nothing more simple!


Complete details regarding clients and contracts

Time tracking is made taking into account the client, the contract, the file or even an explicit activity such as drafting a legal opinion.

Comments in the language of the client

KeyVision guides you even when filling in comments for each timesheet by suggesting the language preferred by the client.

Validation of timesheets by the superviser

In some cases, timesheet validation is required before being included in an invoice. KeyVision allows you to validate a timesheet by editing it in the timesheet section or directly in the billing process.

E-mail notifications for incomplete timesheets

If an employee doesn’t fill in the time-sheet or the timesheet is incomplete, you are automatically notified by email.