Dashboard KeyVision

Dashboard is the key element of the legal software KeyVision because it synthesizes all essential information for lawyers in a single page. The dashboard includes a list of vital performance indicators and reports that can be accessed based on user rights – manager, senior lawyer or junior. Moreover, it provides a comprehensive view about company’s financial health by graphs, pies and charts regarding efficiency, productivity, revenues, open invoices, top clients, active clients, top efficient lawyers and many others.

How much I invoice?

The legal software KeyVision automatically calculates the amount to be invoiced based on the current timesheets and contract settings. Also, presents an overall situation of issued, paid or open invoices. With a single look you will know how much you have to invoice for the current month and compare it to results on previous months.

How much I cash in?

You will know exactly how much your clients paid, what you must cash in and the total amount of open invoices. Plus, you can calculate the average number of days required to cash invoices for each client.


What is my efficiency?

Efficiency calculation is our specialty. In dashboard you have immediate access to this indicator, calculated for the current month or previous month, and it’s evolution for the past 12 months. Plus, we offer the possibility to further detail this analysis for each lawyer.

What is the status of my clients?

To monitor clients is essential. The legal software KeyVision automatically calculates how many new clients you’ve attracted in the current month, how many clients were active and how many generated revenues. You just have to make sure the number stays above zero.