NNDKP implemented KeyVision for the management of its internal activities

11.09.2017 -

Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP), one of most reputed independent law firms in Romania that provides integrated legal and tax services, implemented KeyVision for the operational management of its activity.

“KeyVision provides the necessary infrastructure for redefining the concept of information “one-click-away” in our organization. Considering the growing impact of technology in the field of legal services, we set our minds on substantially increase the digitalization of all activities within NNDKP, in the immediate benefit of our clients. This process of wide scope and impact at all levels of interaction with our clients and partners was achieved in two phases during the past three years:

  1. 1.       the implementation of the complete document management solution M-Files
  2. 2.       the implementation of KeyVision which integrates different activities within the firm and provides a global image, but also a detailed one, of these activities from the professional, financial, business development, HR and professional trainings point of view.”

, mentioned Ion Nestor, Coordinating Partner at NNDKP

KeyVision includes complete features regarding timesheet and invoicing, project and case management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), e-Learning and Conflict Check. The platform also provides the possibility to compile a set of extensive financial, management or analysis reports, for each client or category of clients, as well as for each area of legal practice or department. All these features allow a detailed analysis of project’s status quo and of the efficiency of professional activities.

“The implementation of KeyVision within NNDKP coincided with the rewriting of the application based on a modern platform with a friendlier interface. The new KeyVision 3.0 includes a complete set of instruments dedicated to legal firms, addressing all internal processes and departments. Plus, we added complex features such as CRM, e-Learning and Conflict Check. These were completed with features concerning court management, insolvency as well as integration with the document management solution M-Files and other business applications available within NNDKP, resulting in an integrated ecosystem useful to all NNDKP team members.”, declared George Barcun, General Manager SoftVenture.

This ecosystem increases the efficiency of identifying relevant information and documents from all applications implemented by NNDKP, facilitating the interaction between the firm and its clients or partners, but also the interaction between the members of legal teams, consultants or personnel from support departments.

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