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Ion Nestor - "KeyVision provides the necessary infrastructure for redefining the concept of information “one-click-away” in our organization."

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Francisc Peli - "KeyVision supports our management decisions. The implementation was very fast and we received many positive feedbacks from our colleagues"

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Radu Nemes - "We were interested in flexibility and ease of use. In addition, we significantly cut the time requierd for revewing timesheets, billing and generating reports for our clients"

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Eversheds Lina & Guia implements KeyVision and M-Files for the optimisation of the internal activity

We needed a management tool, not just a simple solution for the operational side. Now we have access to reports that can support our daily decisions and fundament our objectives for the following years. Plus, we took the first steps in creating a knowledge base that allow us to be more efficient and to answer much faster to our client’s demands.
Cristian Lina, Partener - Eversheds Lina & Guia
M-Files met the requirements of NNDKP and SoftVenture was the partner who implemented M-Files in our company. They combined perfectly the technical knowledge with the specific demands of the legal field.
Ion Nestor, Managing Partner - NNDKP
The legal activity is undergoing a process of modernization, as is the case with other economic activities, and this involves, first of all, the use of technology in the specific processes of this profession. The KeyVision team understood this trend and has developed a product that serves the modernization of the legal profession and has also helped us in a better management of internal workflows, accurate timesheet and reporting for our customers.
Valentin Mircea, Managing Partner - Mircea & Associates
The law firm, recognized for its high professional standards and is specialized in Corporate & Commercial (including mergers & acquisitions and privatizations), Banking & Finance, Insurance & Capital Markets, Competition, Energy, Natural Resources & Utilities, Real Estate, Environment, Town Planning & Constructions, Public Projects (Public Procurement, Concessions, PPP and EU Funding); Employment; Intellectual Property, Communication & IT; Restructuring & Insolvency, Litigation & Arbitration.
Bucharest - Vilau & Associates
We chose KeyVision for timesheet, invoicing and access to management reports and performance KPIs

Started by Oleg Efrim, the former Minister of Justice for the Republic of Moldova, and Vlad Rosca, one of the most reputed Moldavian lawyers, the law firm Efrim, Rosca & Associates represents „one stop shop” for services, providing its clients with the legal expertise they need.
Oleg Efrim, Managing Partner - Efrim, Rosca & Associates
KeyVision is a great tool for lawyers

KeyVision proved to be the ideal solution for VASS Lawyers because it provided, besides standard features such as time tracking, invoicing, files and court planning, a set of reports essential in tracking efficiency per company and also per each lawyer and client.
Iulia Vass, Managing Partner - VASS Lawyers
KeyVision provides full features regarding time tracking, client and file management, but also the possibility to monitor company’s evolution per business lines

Revnic & Associates, one of the top law firms in the western part of the country, implemented KeyVision in order to increase efficiency and enhance coordination between lawyers. The decision was a direct result of the need to manage large volumes of information, as well as the stringent need to access detailed reports on the total activity.
Radu Revnic - Revnic & Asociatii
KeyVision supports the development efforts of the French company KMH

Founded in 2007, the company Kauders Médan Hublot provides financial, legal and fiscal consultancy services to French companies from various fields of activity. Their main projects are focusing on financial investments, financial expertise, financial auditing, monitoring and intermediation.
Nicolas Médan - Kauders Médan Hublot
We have significantly reduced the time necessary for reviewing timesheets, billing and reporting

Istanbul based law firm providing legal services in areas such as banking and finance, company and commercial law, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, especially healthcare investments and regulatory matters. "KeyVision is flexible, intuitive and saves a lot of the time needed for billing, time tracking or reporting."
Emin Sanli, Managing Partner - Fora & Sanli
We chose KeyVision based on flexibility, friendly interface and the capacity to provide efficiency reports and analysis

"The main reason for which I chose KeyVision is the simple time tracking and invoicing features, but most of all the possibility to generate reports concerning efficiency".
Liviu Fatu, Managing Partner - Fatu Law Office
The ideal solution for a law firm focusing on innovation and flexibility

Cazacu Manolache Popa applies an advanced business model which encourages innovation, transparency and synergy with the client. We needed a dedicated solution that exceeds the operational features of time tracking and billing, focusing on clients, flexibility, efficiency and reaction time. KeyVision is easy to use and versatile, it has a friendly interface and it’s highly accessible, providing a comprehensive image on company’s evolution.
Adrian Manolache, Managing Partner - SCA Cazacu, Manolache, Popa
For 7 years we support major projects in the construction field. KeyVision gave us a hand with complex reports for complex projects.

Șoimulescu & Soltan was founded in 2005 and specializes in legal assistance for the construction field. Our services concern public infrastructure projects, including transport, energy and environment. We felt the need for a software solution that can make help us become more efficient.
Oana Soimulescu - Soimulescu, Soltan si Asociatii
I travel a lot and because of that the possibility to track time from anywhere was essential

I have more than 8 years of experience in business law and I specialize in commercial law, employment and penology. Lately, my clients portfolio became difficult to manage with the help of a simple excel and KeyVision proved to be the solution I was looking for. Being web based I can track time from anywhere using my smartphone or iPad. Plus, the invoicing is fast and I have access to my client's historical data.
Cristian Vizireanu, Partner - Vizireanu & Vizireanu
End-to-end solution for a law firm focusing on commercial litigation

Since the foundation of the law firm we have being searching for an end-to-end solution that can provide complete features regarding time-tracking, billing, court hearings, clients, contracts and reporting. From the beginning, we have insisted upon accessibility, and because of that we chose an online solution, and upon the required initial investment. KeyVision proved to be the best option, being accessible from anywhere based on a simple internet connection and a monthly subscription.
Adrian Ghergulescu, Managing Partner - Ghergulescu Law Office
Full reports for clients and accurate information regarding court files

We had the experience of using a software solution for the management of clients and court files, but it didn’t meet our needs for reporting and billing. KeyVision provides a new approach, focusing on performance analysis and financial evolution, without neglecting the operational features - time tracking, clients, contracts, court, billing.
Marian Popescu, Managing Partner - PSBH Popescu și Asociații
The increase of client portfolio compelled us to a better management of time-sheets

Founded in 2010, the law firm Toma și Asociații has recorded constant development. The increasing number of clients generated the need for a rigorous motorization of working hours and for the possibility to track efficiency for each project. KeyVision met these demands by providing a simple time tracking and invoicing solution, but most of all by providing detailed reports at company, client, lawyer and contract level.
Claudiu Toma - Toma și Asociații
We've assumed ambitious plans for the development of our company which imply the extension of our team and client portfolio.

The management of projects based on time tracking in excel and achieving accurate monthly reporting for each employer or client was no longer possible. KeyVision proved capable to support our specific activity in the field of consultancy, ensuring full features for time tracking, invoicing, client and contract management, powerful reports concerning the overall activity, efficiency and performance indicators.
Ileana Neamțu - Point Public Affairs
More than 8 years experience in commercial law, civil law, penology, commercial contracts. One single impediment - lack of time.

In march 2012, Cristina Cotor decided to take a big step and implement an "out of the box” solution. She gave up the classical excel that could only be used for simple tracking of working hours and chose KeyVision. "KeyVision is very fast in calculating invoices, time tracking and generation of profitability reports."
Cristina Cotor - Argumentum
Fast invoicing and up to date reports with open invoices

We offer a large range of services to our clients, important companies in the fields of mass media, services, constructions or healthcare. The increasing volume of activity and client portfolio determined us to use a solution that can centralize, in a single data base, all information about clients, contracts, court files, court hearings, billing, and also to provide a clear status of open invoices.
Andrei Țâru, Managing Partner - Ţâru & Associates