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5 KeyVision features for lawyers when working remotely

These days most of the legal teams around the world are facing one of the biggest challenges: working remotely. When working from home, legal professionals need features and tools to help them work efficiently.  Here are some KeyVision PRO features that can be used by lawyers and law firms:

The Timer, a productivity tool for lawyers and legal teams when working remotely

Time recording has never been easier. Start the timer in KeyVision PRO and do your thing. When the job is done, save the activity and transform it into a timesheet with just one click. This tool will help you track time worked per each project and become more efficient.

Task management for a better teamwork 

Task management can be a pain when your team is working remotely. Streamline your team’s task flow with KeyVision PRO task management features, even when they are not in the office. Define and manage tasks per project or case and improve your workflow by having a complete overview of their status. 

Work in progress, a full overview on your unbilled timesheets

Keep track of your unbilled timesheets with KeyVision PROs “Work in Progress” feature, so you can easily spot what needs to be billed, by client, project or age. Plus, one can use our custom approval workflow, so managing large projects becomes a breeze.

Easy billing for teams working remotely

When working remotely, you need tools to help you have all the tools you had in the office. KeyVision PRO brings a simple, but complex billing configuration process to help you easily transform your work into invoices. Create billing rules, use the timesheet approval flow and let KeyVision do the heavy lifting. You can also do your collection here – all the required tools are just one click away.

Reporting tools for real-time team performance metrics

KeyVision PRO has been designed from the beginning to help law firms’ partners and legal professionals to have a complete overview of their legal business evolution, in a visual way, with a focus on performance. From invoices per lawyer to average fee or recovery rate, you can access various KPIs (per lawyer, team or practice) directly in your dashboard. Discover five reports that would change the way you work by clicking on this link

Do you want to test all these features to help you and your legal business easily work remotely? Try all KeyVision PRO features.

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